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Press Release: Site Sponsorship


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LONDON, 17 January, 2007 -- www.photomart.co.uk, a leading on-line supplier of mini-lab equipment and consumables to the independent sector in the UK, announced a sponsorship deal today with the independent mini-lab self-help forum, www.minilabhelp.com.

Mini-labs are machines used for high-street photo printing. (One-hour photo businesses are also called mini-labs.)

www.minilabhelp.com is run on a not-for-profit basis, as a service to the mini-lab community, by founder Neil Taylor. Neil is a former mini-lab owner who traded as BT Photographic. Over the years his www.minilabhelp.com site has grown into the main independent on-line forum for mini-lab folk.

"I've followed Neil's forum for some time", www.photomart.co.uk's Managing Director, Lewis Martindale, said, "and I'm very pleased to be able to support it now with the sponsorship I believe it deserves. It's success is a good sign of the continuing health of the sector."

Neil Taylor says, "The sponsorship deal with www.photomart.co.uk means a lot, and this is a tremendous contribution to the independent mini-lab industry. I am very happy that www.minilabhelp.com has a reputable and helpful company supporting our web site."

The sponsorship deal with www.photomart.co.uk is based on an advertising arrangement, and will preserve the independence of www.minilabhelp.com, which will continue to be operated solely by Neil Taylor.

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