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Reevaluating the $$$'s against the value!


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Neil, when he was the chief moderator of this site (and still watching and contributing...thought you were retired??) wasn't keen to make this a pay-by-use site.  This site has now had close to 250,000 hits.  I'd say this site is pretty well established.  But, this must cost.  Now,  I could be wrong but perhaps there aren't that many donators out there.  I look at so many gems who give of their expertise and help, like Dave.  Well, you know, people are like cars, use 'em too much and they break down on you.  I would not like to see this site close for lack of funds.  I'm happy to donate and have set a personal annual subscription of $50AUD.  Hey, tax deductable and helping people who are helping me.  I'd like all people who regularly visit this site to consider making a donation towards the cost of running it.  Would you?  What say we make a date of the 1st March or the 1st of whatever month.  What say the moderaters send gentle reminders to us all around a time of their choosing.  I appreciate this is not about profit but about covering costs.  I'm just opening the suggestion for debate.

Liz of Oz  

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Hi Liz,

I did put up PayPal donate buttons a while back, and I did get a couple of donations, but that was it. BUT,and the good news is, that there is now a site sponsor :) You will see there adds appearing over the next week or so.

Mini Lab Help.com always has and always will be a place for the independent lab owner to come. The PayPal donate button will remain, if any one does want to make a donation.

I am still around, but as no longer a store owner, do not contribute like I used to, but it is good to see that the forum is still alive. The 250,000 hit counter that you see is only for the main index page, on the site.... in actual fact, if you check out the extensive stats (Link on the forum open page, at the bottom) you will see that we are getting on average close to 2,000 hits a DAY!!!

Nope not retired, to young for that :) but I am on a different life style, which is still taking a lot of getting used to :)

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All the best for the new year to all , a little late, but first post for the new year......

Hi Liz, no, the press over here are just the same, maybe just a tad more polite, but that does nothing to lessen the sting.

Why do you think Neil has scurried to the shadows? lol , only joking Neil, only joking.

Nice idea about anual reminders, though Liz.

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