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Press Release: New Minilab Introduction


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LONDON, 09 January, 2007 -- www.photomart.co.uk , a leading supplier of minilabs to the independent sector in the UK, is to introduce a new compact low-cost minilab system, the DOLI DL-0810, at the FOCUS on Imaging show in the N.E.C., Birmingham, this February 25th-28th. Prices are expected to start from around £14,950 ex-vat for a complete system, including either a Mitsubishi photo kiosk or an EPSON 7800 wide format printer.

Minilabs are used for medium-volume high-street photo printing. www.photomart.co.uk's new DOLI DL-0810 model produces prints up to 9"x6" inches, with a throughput of up to 600 different 4"x6" inch prints per hour. This high-productivity is combined with a short processing time, just two minutes and twenty five seconds, ranking the DOLI DL-0810 amongst the fastest minilabs.

The DL-0810's ultra compact design is achieved through a sophisticated tank assembly that requires only seven litres of chemistry. This allows the machine to be smaller, and reduces its replenishment and heating requirements. That makes the DOLI DL-0810 economical to run even in outlets with lower daily print volumes. The compact design has a footprint of just 0.55 square metres - ideal for environments where floor space is either limited or expensive.

www.photomart.co.uk's new DOLI DL-0810 accepts input from all popular digital media, including SD cards and CompactFlash, CD's, Memory Sticks, SmartMedia and Floppy Discs. Input can also be taken from the Internet or from a network connection. The machine can be fitted with options to allow printing from 35mm film negatives and APS film - and also for prints-from-prints, via an optional print-scan platform.

The DOLI DL-0810 gives top quality results, with print resolutions of up to 520dpi made by an RGB LED LCD panel using Precise Pixel Management to expose onto a vacuum platform configured for maximum accuracy and rendition. DOLI DL-0810 print quality and calibration is maintained through precise densitometric analysis.

The DL-0810 computer user-interface runs on familiar, easy-to-use Windows XP. Under-the-hood, an advanced LINUX platform provides a rock-solid foundation for stable, uninterrupted operation.

A full range of correction, editing and output options are available, including red-eye removal, sharpness adjustment, under/over exposure compensation, angle correction and cropping. The DOLI DL-0810's powerful, easy-to-use correction software handles adjustment of colour, brightness, contrast, gamma and sharpness. A range of add-on options is available, including templates for greeting cards, special colour borders, ID/Passport prints, montages and printing black-and-white or sepia prints from colour images.

www.photomart.co.uk's new DOLI DL-0810 minilab system comes complete with either the Mitsubishi PT7000 remote digital print station or the EPSON 7800 wide format printer included in the price.

www.photomart.co.uk's Managing Director, Lewis Martindale, summed up the proposition offered by the DOLI-0810 : "The ultra compact design and extremely reasonable price tag means the DOLI DL-0810 should be on the shopping list of any business looking for an ideal photo-retail solution", he said. Its price, just £14,950 ex-vat, positions it extremely aggressively against similarly featured competing minilabs vying for placement in this segment of the market.

Anyone interested in seeing www.photomart.co.uk's new DOLI DL-0810 should come along to it's launch on the www.photomart.co.uk stand (L4) at the FOCUS on Imaging show at the N.E.C. in Birmingham this February 25th-28th. For more details contact www.photomart.co.uk's Sales Manager, Jurie Gryffenberg on +44 (0)208 501 8858 or email jurie@photomart.co.uk

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