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CRT printers


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Anyone with knowledge of CRT printers?

Any suggestions as to what would be causing a 'leopard skin' kinda pattern in strips down the length of the print? I have eliminated everything else, so can only put it down to the CRT.

Poor earthing? (causing deflection or random firing) Face needs re-taping?

Any other suggestions?

The pattern is only visible on 'light' prints (but not white, only colour), the denser the print, the lighter the pattern. On a good black and white print, it is invisible.

It also varies in width and intensity. Its getting right up my nose.

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Nice one Dave, that sounds prety spot on. I will try all that, any one of those sounds like it could cause problems. The realy annoyinng thing is that these problems only ever surface whem you are running flat out :'(

The only recent changes in the lab is the introduction of the v50 film processor, but that is 10ft. away, behind another processor, so would have thought out of the running.

Just turned the machine off and will give it a while and try your suggestions. I will let you know how I get on. Now, where is that contact cleaner?

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Nothing like the smell of a high voltage discharge in the morning !!

I jest. but I did find a couple of less than perfect connections , and a very dodgy earth strap. all corrected (I think), now waiting for the first print......

Ratts! no improveement.

Apart from Ken Phipps, anyone know who services these things?

Aver refer me to him, but he doesn't want to know.

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Hah! got it !

Believe it or not, it was a build up of static on the mylar sheets in the exposure engine,

a good spray of anti-static and a wipe dry, and back to normal.

I understand they are now making an FP 9000. Prints up to 12x24". sounds quite a usefull machine, but I wonder how long that will be haunting people.

These realy are quite usefull machines, just a pain in the ### to set up, if you are printing lots of different types of prints. It amazes me that the americans like them so much, its usualy anything for an easy life. Or is that not 'politicaly correct'.

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