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I use FES Ltd who provide a complete online Photo Gift system, fast next day service and good prices. :D

Products offered include: Mugs, Tee Shirts, Mouse mats, Place Mats, Glass Chopping Boards in various shapes and sizes, Keyrings, Bottle openers and engraved products like Zippo Lighters, Trinket Boxes, Business Card Holders, etc.

I know that other users from this site also use FES. Give them a try 0870 2248600 ask for Rob Blanchard.

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Hi Phil

The reason I suggested you call Rob Blanchard on 0870 2248600 was so that he could set you up with a test account so that you are able to see all the products, prices etc.

If you log onto www.outlab.co.uk, you will still need a password and account number to see any infomation on products, prices and how simple the system is to use.

But it is worth looking at, as cecilh say's.

FES (Foto Equipment Services) offers business to business solutions to the photographic market dealing with chains and independent retailers, they are able to offer Engineering support on Minilabs, Spares, new equipment sales and Outlab for Photo Gifts. 8)

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