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Neg Light Leak


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OK, time for elimination... Do you get fogging on APS/120 or control strips, is it just 35mm? If it is just 35mm then its the film puller... But if you are getting it on non 35mm then it is the processor. Is the main lid closing OK??

Process a film with the *emergency* dark bag over the film loading box, etc etc..

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We tried putting a dark cloth over the V30 but that didn't change.  No it wasn't on APS or control strips, just 35mm negs, so we knew it was somewhere between the puller and the V30.  In the end, we rang the Kodak people yesterday.  Here's what the chief said.  If, when you attach a film to a leader card, then push the film BACK into the cannister so it is snug up to the card edge and before it goes in the V30, it drags in "light" with it.


This is a new one on me.  I'll do a check on staff practice, and see if the problem goes away.  Worth a try.  :-/

Anyone ever heard of this one?    

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I have seen staff, in the past splice films, then pull back the sticker tape, this then opens up the felt opening on the canister to cause fogging. So Yep, this may be the problem.

Has this taken place since you have new staff? or are you useing a new splicing tape?

So next, splice the 35mm films, but do NOT re-wind see if this helps.....

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