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Good Asst Mngr Needed urgently!


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We are looking to recruit a good reliable production person to help run our minilab. Current equipment is agfa 101d with multiple kiosks. Anyone out there know anybody with good minilab experience who would like to work in the Brighton area?

Thank you! Liz


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ideal job for me as i know what goes wrong with 101d and have changed many filters as they seem to be the main things to go wrong unless you are lucky and agfa changed their stock before your machine was made, i know the machine inside and out from the pcu to paper cutters and more, also all its functions and remember all training and how to corect colour problems (ringarounds)

, just a bit far away unless you want to offer acommadation durring the week, and money is ok as only in southampton. might help you with a staffing problem who knows, but let me know fast as going to start a boring warehouse job soon


ps tony knows me from our corespondence

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