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Fotostop - adminstration


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News that Fotostop has gone into adminstration is now in the public domain. looks like the end of Charles Gabriel Chris Castle trying to keep thing going.

Hope that the independent sites that are with them will be OK  :-/

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I had the misfortune of working for them for 2 years.The way they lookied after there customers and there staff was a joke.One woman had to cover the whole country selling the fotostop equipment ie film ,marketing ,etc.once she broke down intears to me because it was to much and she was never at home.The day I finished was unbelievable.I left the house at 4am to drive down to drop the car off and had a flight booked (at my own expense) to get home.They made me get a bus to the airport instead of giving me a lift like they said they would AND then to make it even better ,when I got my final expenses they shafted me by

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Well, going by the information I have, the Fotostop group, have flexed there muscles  ;D and to make any sort of threat to a decent independent minilab, just makes me shudder.

What is that old saying? "A leopard never changes its spots"

I have major concerns how Footstep are now operating and am to say but the least disgusted by what they are doing *yuck*

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