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Photo-me conference


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An interesting day......

Some good speakers,

Nigel McNaught from the PMA spoke about market trends- and no, it's not all doom and gloom  ;) Home printing is on a steady decline whilst minilab printing is growing steadily and in fact pulling sales away from the internet. That trend is set to continue by all accounts.

Several other speakers spoke about their experiences with kiosks, hub and spoke etc- all interesting and food for thought.

The Key speaker was a guy named Dennis Reid, a retail consultant. Very informative, dealt with how to improve sales etc. I'm hoping to get the actual text of his talk. If so I'll put up a post and send it out to anyone interested.

In the afternoon we had a VIP tour of Silverstone, including an oppurtunity to be photographed on the F1 podium ( see an embarassing shot of yours truly below- I won the prize for best Schuey jump  ;D)

We finished off (or should I say we were finished off) by a high speed couple of laps on the national circuit as a passenger in a Lotus exige..............I thought I was going to die, pass the new underpants  ;D...great fun  ;))


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