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Hi All, Yes I'm from PhotoWonder.

I see hear that a lot of people are looking to keep us up their sleave, so to speak.  This is not just from the couple of posts I see here, but from general converstation.

I'd encourage you to consider using us as there are no joining fees, no stock to purchase, no minimum volumes and we provide free POS.

We think that telling people you can offer restoration is a much better idea than waiting until someone comes in asking for the service.

Feel free to drop me a line of you have any questions or concerns.  Happy to help :)

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We do our own restoration service, but good to see you offering it for those not able to do it for them selves, and the feedback here is good :)

If you want to get in touch with myself (PhotoWonder) I can offer you a free, and that was a free banner advert that shows at the top of this page.

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Well my first order has been done and a second one on the way. Have to say I am very impressed, not just with the service, but the whole of the back up and point of sale.

If you have not already done so, take a look at the Fairy Photo, will be intresting to see what uptake we get with this.... Just putting up my POS at the moment

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I also have had a representative come to us at our shop in Bury St Edmunds, although I was not in at the time, he did leave a DVD and business card. I have not yet used this company for restorations, I use a company in Birmingham called photoserv (www.photoserv.co.uk) I use these whenever a job is too big for me to tackle inhouse, I have found the quality very good and a quick turnaround 24/48 hrs. they charge just over

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Hi Gavin from PhotoWonder here.  I see there are a few questions and feedback here.  Maybe I can help with some answers.

Fariy Photos are a way of using our restoration skills to value add.  We take a snapshot of a child and put them into a fantasy scence that you can choose (there are seven choices).  Let me stress this is not simply cutting and pasting, this takes our expert artists over an hour to do per child.  The results are magical and we have had lots of great feedback from around the country.  Those stores with a studio are offering to tqake the photo for the cusotmer and saving them the time of digging one out that will work, or of having to take one them selves.

We are about to release a range of other value added services as wel.  Email me for a copy of our newsletter.

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One more word to reply to the feedback from someone working with our competition.

We offer a service which is uncomplicated and is about working as a business partner.

We provide an extensive range of POS materal from flyers to A0 posters at no charge.

We allow people to set up an account so they don't need to get their credit card out each time the want to place an order.

We allow the uploading of the image and the instructions at the same time so you don't have to wait until your image is uploaded until you provide the information of what you want done.

We only send an email when the image is ready to down load.  You can log on and use the management tool to see where your image is in the system at any time.

You can retrieve your image again even though you have downloaded it already (handy if you have a hard drive melt down).

We don't put watermarks all over the image when they are sent back so you can check them for quality much more easily.

We don't work with the general public, we're buisness to business only.

Quality? well you be the judge :)

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