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Stickers of photos


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Hello all

I have large customer who rake lot off school photos. Now they want us to make small poros whit stiker back so users can cut smal photos to frends ect.

So I know that this materia is set after photos are done.

Where i can have this material, do eny of you use this.

Please let my know, photos if avaible.

If we can offer this, us turnover rise by 5%.

Please help us whit information, so we will be one who still standing.

Rowe 8)

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we use a xyron 900 machine which applies a layer of permanent adhesive to the reverse of whatever you put through it.

so you can double side your prints to make super duper photo books. and postcards and birth announcement cards etc.

not sure how to combine it with perforations to make stickers though... sorry.  :-/

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