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Sue is back


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I have been with Fotostop for over 10 years and I can honestly say that I have always received excellent support from their sales, marketting and engineering team.

I hope you have sufficient evidence to back your quotes Mr Garison as you could be liable. ??)

No doubt, they went through a rough patch but like I said, they always did their as best to help me out whenever I needed them. However, like I stated earlier, they are now even better and have my support.

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as you could be liable.

This forum supports freedom of speech, and any member is free to express there opinions on the different topics that we have here.

Each of us have had different experiences from different companies over the years, and this often reflects on our views.

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Neil i agree that this site is for offering opinions only, however one needs to be very careful, look at the San Marko thread you closed it down as soon as their engineer stated all was ok.

Charlie has said all is good with the support that he is receiving so why are you allowing an induvidual to damage the reputation of FotoStop when the current owners and the team involved are not to blame for the past and have supported their customers and come good with Marketing, technical support, wholesale and regular news updates.

As with all companies you will have problems or issues from time to time but it is how the company in question resolves those problems that matters. (Customer service matters).

I for one am very impressed with fotoStop I have been a member for many years we have all seen changes, some good some bad, please lets move on!.

Gretag went bust, Agfa went, konica have all but gone, funny fotostop are still there supporting their customers and doing it better than before !.

There can be no doubt that the support being given is better than some of the other companies that I have just mentioned, still this is my opinion.

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Wah! fotostop also went bust! causing lots of worry for many.

I am pleased that things with fotostop are now improved, and this is really nice to read.

But some people have had bad times from the past, you will often see me giving Kodak Express agro as an instance, this is due to very bitter memories etc, I will never forget how the operated.

So as well as seeing negative things on a thread like this, it is also a chance to see positive posts.

At the end of the day the customer make the decision on which way to go, but I for one am always interested in a companies history.

look at the San Marko thread you closed it down as soon as their engineer stated all was ok.

This thread, and others was closed at the request of the person that started it. I will always respect this.

The minilabhelp.com forum is self regulating and is a voice for lab owners and companies that want to take part. Its sort of a case of taking the rough with the smooth.

Oh an thank you for the comments, feed back is a very good thing :)

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Mr. Garison, I think it is great that you have stepped up and stated your opinion.  I know nothing about fotostop; but I can tell you that unless people are allowed to tell the negatives of a company, a true decision cannot be made about doing business with them.  An example:  I have had and am still having a very bad, excruciating experience with Noritsu America Corp.  Some people, including Noritsu America, do not agree with me telling what happened on the internet; but I know that if I had known what I know now about Noritsu and what has happened to other people, I would never have done business with them.  Your opinion is valuable and there will always be people who disagree with you.  

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Hi Cecilh

Did you manage to contact FES about the outlab service, I have just received some Jigsaws that I ordered from them they are brilliant!!.

Should really sell at Christmas.

(Sorry to change the suject but I feel it is time to move on).

As a FotoStop customer I thankyou for your fair comments.

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OK peeps, as this has now run its course, I am going to lock off this thread.

Back to topic.... the last I heard was that Sue was now working for her local Chamber Of Commerce. I for one wish Sue all the very best in her future rolls, and know that she is missed in the photo industry.

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