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help...! 101d digital prints from slr camera


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We have a 101d with optical fit lens that produces good digital photos usually but have now experienced 2 customers in quick succession who proudly produce a disk from their nikon d200 that print muddy flat pics. anyone know what's going on here and what to do? clearly if we play with levelling and curves we can improve them tremendously but we want to avoid manual or even batch intervention.

and if we have to do that, how do we explain to the customer that their instant 'do nothing' prints will be pants when they have just forked out lots of dosh on their camera?

help.................................. :-/

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Is the camera set to Adobe 1998? That would probably cause the problem you are having. We always check the colour space from our pro and dslr customers these days.IMO though you can get superb results from the D200 IF you

a) shoot raw

B) adjust each image in bridge/acr or your raw processor of choice, mainly WB and exposure. You can batch correct images shot in the same lighting, most raw processors allow this.

how do we explain to the customer that their instant 'do nothing' prints will be pants

Offer a raw file conversion service? You wouldn't expect to get excellent results from film if you printed it uncorrected. BTW correcting RAW files is a lot easier than correcting JPG's

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