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Looking for a lab in or near Eaton UK

Mr Noritsu

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One of my good pro customers is heading for the UK next Friday to photograph a rowing championship at Eaton. She still uses a Nikon F5 and long lenses and has not gone digital yet. They were going to bring their film back to me in Oz, but I've told them that with all the problems with UK carry on luggage, she would be better getting the film developed in the UK.

Can anyone put me in email contact with a good lab somewhere near Eaton?

Cythia has been an acredited media photgrapher at several Olympic Games, and Commonwealth games, so she is not what I'd call a backyarder - this is her profession, and she is good at it

thanks for any help you can give me

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Maybe doing Richard S @ Hills and Saunders an injustice but i am pretty sure he dosn't have a lab in the shop, he did many yaers ago but not any more.

Worth a call if your lady is over here tho, he is an ace photographer and has a cool studio, also Pete there does all the school photos for Eaton Harrow etc..

But hey I am biased I did did work for them 15 odd years ago he he

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