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Damaged Negs...advice on cleaning up please!


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I had a bit of a disaster a while back with my b&w neg archieve, basically they were damaged in a flood in my house. had them stored (regretfully) in the papery type neg bag sheets rather than plastic ones, and all the glue holding the paper together between the strips of film has kind of run down onto my images.

Does anyone know of a good product/cleaning fluid or something that will help me out of this sticky mess?? or just any tips on how to clean them up?


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If the negs are stuck together you can soak them in warm water with a little washing up liquid. This also will work to soak off any neg bag residue. I would then feed them back through the wash tanks on your machine if you have one or you will need to hang to dry!  Also try Zebra clean it's great stuff from Hydra Int 01908-265889

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