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minilabhelp.com How is it?


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It is now over a year since the launch of the "new" look minilabhelp.com How do you find the site/forums?

The main lead in pages www.minilabhelp.com I have left alone, as I think they do the job, and people can find a quick and easy way to find the forums here. As for these forums, I am always open to ideas, be they good or bad to improve things. So, do you have any comments or suggestions to anything?

Better still, is there anything that you would like to see, that can help you? If you have any suggestions, please post up any comments here, and if I can do any of them, then consider it done.

Let me say a huge thank you to every single person that has/does contribute to the forums, with the ever changing times we are faced with now, and in the future, then by sharing our "real life" experience on the shop floor, has to be a lot better, than the predictions, that some of us may have used a few years back, to how our market is changing.

Always remember, that most of the data about our trade, is 6/12 months behind to what is happening right now. minilabhelp.com this time last year proved how valuable this forum can be, as we all say the changes taking place in Jan,Feb,March etc... News that there were problems, on came to light in the trade press around September.

Oh, and if any regular visitors would like to become a moderator here, to join Tony and I, then please step forward :) No work to do, just to keep an eye on the place :)

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Thank you to those that have voted, and I am pleased that you like things. These forums, are, well for my self a great help, for may reasons, the main one is that I get to see comments from *real* lab owners and not muppets...

Now how can we help to promote our selves, and when I say this I mean for free? As far as I can see, there is no real find a local mini-lab web site, that is on the net?? so, how about this? If a web site was set up, so that you, as an independent lab could register your location, services offered etc, and end user *the consumer* could find you, how would this sound?

I can not do any more work till after the General Elections, due to commitments I have, but how about it? Cost? well, it would cost nowt, that is nothing.. I could set things up, and if you wished to contribute, great, but if your funds were tight, no problems you get a listing for free... just food for thought at this stage.. But united we can stand, or divided we can fall.

Would also need a domain name to be thought about, any ideas ???  

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Frankly, I think this is a waste of time. Mini-labs saturate the high street and punters have no need to search on the net to find one. You will have to give them a better reason to visit the web site than that.

How about offering the canny net visitor a reward by:

Running competitions?

Giving them an interactive gallery with feedback?

Technical advice?

Artistic ideas?

Club discounts?


A Forum?

In other words, making it a place for them. THEN you can point to participating labs that offer this added 'quality-assured' service in their area.

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back on with this idea :)

I still need a domain name to get on with my ideas...

some more





trueprints.co.uk -> Yes this is available...


All of the above are available for registration... Once I have got the domain, I can then move this idea up to another level.. Remember this will not cost you one penny, if get something going that you like, and then you want to contribute, fine and dandy, but until this is done, then lets get a domain name, and get a mock up site going...

Over to you  :o

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hi all what we loking for is help and saport    becuse i have agfa msc100 with dpu    

and i have broplem   when i mack digital test print   i have error  (dens 31. densi. pattern not white)  when i clir it  anther masege (eliminate machine fault )    soo ser can any body help me in that        thanks for all

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New Guy chips in...

doesn't MINILABHELP neatly explain what y'all do here?  Except that the concept of the minilab has evolved to be so much more that it did originally, OK. Maybe IMAGINGHELP.com

This is a very nice site, I like the software that manages the forums, better than Yahoo's groups. Y'all seem very civilized and respectful, my compliments

I see two avenue's to persue  1) try to educate the average digital camera user with tutorials that address the realities of life in digital photography, which is probably something y'all have to do in your labs everyday (which means y'all wouldn't want to do it AFTER work also, or maybe they'd resent it if you tried to steer them off to a website instead of providing individual service?) 2) try to consolidate members from other photo processing sites and groups (bestphotolist and labtechsupport groups on yahoo, minilabworld.com)  henry

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Hi Henry, thanks for finding us, and thanks for your comments. My idea of "mini-lab help" started several years back, but then, not too many people were on the internet, so it was hard work getting the idea going. But look at how things have changed, the net is now common, and the imaging trade has changed.

Glad that you like the script running these forums, it is called eblah, and is one of the better, free, open source forum scripts available, the script is written by a young chap called Justin, who is only 17!! I do help out with support on the main eblah site, though in recent times, I have not had any free time to help out much. I will also be upgrading this script soon, well when I get a spare couple of hours, and it will be a bit of a techie job to do!

I have mentioned, that at some stage I will be setting up a new web site (when I get time) for consumers, to be educated etc.. I have some good ideas on what I will be setting up, though this will be some time off, before I get it done ;)

Yup, there are a couple of user groups around, but I would like to think that this is one of the more active forums around, that is run, by a small lab owner with his feet on the ground to what is going on in the "real world" with no hype from the media etc.

If you are a member of any other related site, then please do feel to give us a mention :)

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OK, I have registered a new domain name for a consumer site ;) and plan to get a mock up site done in the next week or so. This will then take a while to develop, if you excuse the pun ;)

Now, the next stage will be to add some content, and get a *look* But with the idea behind this, is to help and promote *minilabs* I may need some help with this project. It is going to take 6 months or more to get the site indexed, and at first it will be slow to attract visitors, but I would expect that site traffic can/will be built up over a 12 month period.

The main heart of this will be a forum section, with other off shoots, with *advice* being given by people in the *trade* that is, you and I.

So if you are still interested in helping, post up a message here on this thread, and we will see how we get along...

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