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Help! 24 pixels lines on the prints of DKS 15xx


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Tnx Nick,

yes. .on 3 different machines (2 dks 1550 and 1 dks 1500) . lines appear on the same place each print. ..all the sizes.  sometimes 1 line, sometimes 2 or 3 or even 5 lines.

but if you shutdown the machine for about 3-5 min. the lines gone. but after 10 min of printing the lines goes back again.  

we have follow what the KIS solution.  just like replacing the sequencer PCB, and updating the soft version.

here are some of the prints:

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This looks like the same problem we had with our 1510 static build up on the pcb If you unplug the board and leave it overnight it may print ok for an hour or so but it will return.

The problem was solved with a free upgrade which turns the board on and off during printing

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Yes we encountered a similar problem a few months ago and after installing the firmware update the problem has never come back.  Photo Me did send us a piece of hardware to install which shut off the board when not in use to discharge it, however, the new part required a specific software version which differed to the version Photo Me sent.  Nevertheless, the firware update alone solved the problem successfully.

Alistair at Photo Me was particulary helpful on this problem so if you ask to speak to him he will be aware of this problem.

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thank you cecilh,

what DKS model and version you are using?  whats the name of the hardware photo-me sent you. (im refering to the piece of hardware as you described)? because KIS give us a device called Extinction Kit.

and what firmware version did photo-me gave you (can you give me the specific information of the firmware update.)

is it possible you can send me the file of firmware update . so that we can also test to our machine..

you can email me at:  sanlydigital@yahoo.com

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