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passport for children

david t

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is it me,or are we all having problems with getting a corrected baby passport picture of babies?to get them not to smile,look forward mouth shut and not to move is becoming a real problem.and if they come back because its wrong they expect it  f o c.i charge 4.25 at the moment but thinking of puttong them up for babies.your comments please.

ps just emailed the passport office with these thoughts.witing nfor there response.

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I have done quite a few passport photos of babies / toddlers, and they can be quite challenging, especially toddlers! I charge the same as  for adults, but every time I do them I think I should charge more, they can be so much more time consuming.

I also re-do them f.o.c if they are rejected, provided they return the original.

But it is good to get parents with young children through the door, as they tend to take lots of photos, and are more likely to utilise another product or service, so I think that's why I leave the price as is.

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