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EPOS Recommendations Wanted


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Our prehistoric EPOS system is basically on its arse and we are looking to replace it. Our local supplier of these things are in my view too expensive. Does anyone out there preferably in the UK have any recommendations for us??? We basically need one sales terminal which would link to our existing pc which would act as the back office. Software would need to have stock management and also basic account facilities as we have account customers.

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I've been through the mill with Epos systems. They are usually too expensive (as you have found out) and often not very good.

We use Whitech which we have found the best so far. However I'm not sure whether or not the company has stopped development of this software. It really needs updating as it's based arond the concept of processing rolls of film.

Other than this I would look at Sage systems.

Main advice, never ever buy an epos system which does not do exactly what you want NOW. NEVER buy a promise! Kodak Express members will remember the fiasco with the firm in the Wirral. I went for a demo and thoroughly annoyed them by asking them to show me how it performed various routine tasks!

As with any software, 90% of the work is in the final 10% of the programming.

Incidentally, I've always found that demos at exhibitions are a very good test of equipment. If it doesn't work thjeir, whilst surrounded by service engineers, it probably won't be very satisfactory in Cumbria on a wet Monday morning!!

I remember looking at a number of digital and hybrid machines and finding none that really seemed to produce good prints at exhibitions. The 3001 however was right from the start. Noritsu unloaded it from a truck (at an exhibition in Scotland) and it just worked. Wonderful machine!

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We have a system available called Archilab, its designed for the Mini lab Business by ex Mini lab operators. There are 350 in Use across Europe including the UK & Ireland.

The key to this system is that the customer has a loyalty card, job bags a re printed and customers are notified by text when their orders are ready.

Have a look at www.agxuk.com for more info.

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