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Viewing lost files

Mr Noritsu

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would appreciate the help of others on this one. Had a customer bring in her memory stick which had been corrupted. not sure where, but I think that part is not relevent.

We could read nothing but 3 wierd files with odd characters and no file size, but at least we could read something.

I have recovered the files from the Mem Stick, using dataRescue, Photo Rescue, Convar and a local aussie written program.

All the files are now visible as jpg files, and I can see them all on our whitech teller, but if I try to print them, it says the file is invalid.

I can see them in Exif Image viewer, and I know exactly what all the photos look like. But I cannot open them in anything, photoshop included.

I've tried batch renaming them all as .jpg files with no luck.

Customer is in tears (mostly rage against the cheap department store who stuffed up her card), and is very understanding of what I am trying to do.

does anyone have any bright ideas as to where I go next, or what I can try.

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