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david t

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Are Fuji the real enemy of the small or independant labs?

They are in bed with Asda,Boots Jessops.... and are they subsidising the low cost muppet pricing?

Jessops recently changed its buying department bringing in experienced buyers from well known high street brands, who have set about pushing there suppliers on to bended knees. a extra few % from each supplier? I wonder what there paper costs are???

how do you put this into  a spoiler?

Are Fuji on a mission...

I do sell Fuji products, but it does make you wonder?

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Similar story here in Oz. Fuji have been doing 15c prints through Harvey Norman - a very large national electrical and bedding/homeware retail chain. No one knows who pays for the TV and radio ads, but I would find it hard to believe that Harldly Normal are putting their hands into their pockets very deep. I would tend to think that the advertising is being supported by Fuji to drive paper sales through their labs. I've heard many stories on how much Hardly's pay for their paper and its hard to know which one to believe, but with the volume of sales they represent to Fuji, I'd imagine Fuji doing all they could to support them

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If you are thinking of Fuji as a branding for your lab then I would go with that.  All they really ask is you use there paper and chemistry and stock their film, you can also stock other film if you wish. We moved to the FIS (Fuji Image Service) as we used Fuji film, paper and chemistry by choice, so it seemed the logical step to use their branding as we believed in the product.

As for the fact they give special deals to the big boys, then show me a company that does not.  Do you charge the same price for a single reprint as when a customer wants 200??

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