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1p a print Had to happen!


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I have seen it all now, a shop in the city doing digital pirnts for 9c each!

Before long it will be 1c prints.

It might be more efficient to just give out cash in the street.

Why is there this fixation with the price of digital prints?

What ever happened to other aspects like quality & convenience?

Consumers are just going to get these low prices stuck in their heads, and will be far less willing to pay a reasonable price, 50c per print is starting to sound like a rip-off, that's what I would be thinking if I wasn't in the industry.

9c a print, petrol here is $1.40 a litre, so you can get 15 prints per litre.

When I started in photo shops petrol was 30c a litre, a 6x4 photo was 75c, WTF is going on here?

Enough ranting for now, sorry.

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