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noritsu v30 help!!! please


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Hi Guys,

Just set up a new lab in my home town and things are going ok for now

I have bought a Konica Minolta R2 Super,and have a Noritsu v30 Processor

I bought them second hand and both are in great nick

But I have a major problem with the c41 machine as it is leaking bleach after we moved it

and I cannot seem to find where its coming from it seems to be at the back end

But this is not the only problem!!

I did not get a user manual with and I cannot for the life of me remember how to set the timer

Hope that someone could perhaps e-mail the page on how to do this and any help with the leak would also be great




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oh Gawd! most processors have a hard plastic/acrylic tank. they don't like any form of torsion (twisting). sounds like you've sprung a joint, presuming you've checked all pipework etc. Best thing to do would be to empty the tank and clean up (no point in wasting any more bleach).

   when clean and dry, you may be able to spot the last of the bleach seeping. But things being as they usualy are, it will probably be in the most inaccessable spot. A sprung joint you may be able to repair, but a crack will be more difficult. Noritsu should be able to tell you what material is used, and be able to recomend the best stuff for welding it together.

   Bad luck mate, wish you luck in getting it repaired !

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