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Are photography trade mags a good read?


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I get a few, love Pixel, infomag, International Contact, and ones from the PMA, all of them make a good read.

I like to read "real life" stories, on what labs are doing, right here and right now. What could be good for you, and also suppliers, is to get some kit to test and review, but let 3 or 4 labs use it, in the "real world" for a week or so, and let them rate it.

Oh, and welcome to the forums :)

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Thanks Neil!, ... I think your right as retailers would probably prefer to read a case study or a a genuine review, we launched InfoLab a few years back with the sole purpose of helping the retailer by inviting a panel of specialists from within the industry onboard then letting them have there slant to a question sent in from the retailer like : "Are kiosks better operated on a standalone basis, should they work in conjunction with a minilab and what about networking them?" and so on, it's very helpful for us to have retailers views on this.

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