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Photobooth operator Photo-Me International has won a new five year contract to supply its kiosks to Post Offices across Britain.

Photo-Me will introduce some 400 booths and, additionally, install digital media kiosks for the self-service printing of photographs.

The contract is expected to generate annual revenues of

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from the feedback we get about these booths/kiosks, people do not like them, and preffer to hand their images to the 'experts', rather than fumble in front of a queue in the postoffice. Privacy/assistance is something that the p/o cannot offer, It may make a difference, but I don't think it will be significant.

I hope.


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Tend to agree photographis.

We use photo-me kiosks and we always need to give assistance to customers (which they appreciate)

People may use them for the odd print, but not to print a large quantity. For that they will come to the likes of us.

It still comes down to educating the public. Perhaps we all need to band together as independents and get some national advertising going to raise awareness of what we can all do.

Despite all our signage and posters etc every day we get people coming in asking if we can print from digital, fer chissakes  >:(

If we could'nt we would'nt be here now !!!

Rant over  ;D

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Perhaps its time we independents in this industry looked at the suppliers out there and started to avoid those who we go in direct competition with. Neil goes on abouth the muppets, ie Asda and Tesco but look who supplies there equipment and the price they pay for it a good 50% less than us. And how many of us actually shop with these supermarkets thus supporting them in there gain to a larger hold on Retail in general

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i must admit to being a big  fan of the photo me1550 lab, but will agree with tony that you will allways have to help customers with the kiosks. but in saying that i have 2 very good friends that are photo-me engineers working only on the booths and gimicky machines and the money they pick up on a weekly basis is phenomimal.

just goes to show what the general public spend their money on. all this tells us really is that we as photo labs is to get gimicky and sell them what they want,ie black and white with colour photos (not hard with photoshop) calenders and prints with names on to give as presents. if you cant beat them join them, we all have the knowhow.

ps  sorry about the spelling if i got any wrong


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