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Posh Boy

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Posh Boy, seems the info was right.... Thank you to the person for supplying the quote below, you know who you are, and again, than you for this...

In my humble opinion, this is very grim news, as it looks like the honest and decent firms are getting knocked out, while the shite ones are making it.. another bit of grim news...

Re: Re: Sangers

Yes the are in administration, Price Cooper waterhouse are now running the company and you can still order from them but you need to sign a new terms & cond. trading with price water...

They have two buyers in the picture, one is Tudor the other i dont know.

Sangers will send you the document

To all customers

7 November 2005

Dear Sir

Sangers Limited

Prisma (Europe) Limited

- In administration (

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I did put in my first order with Sanger's to-day, good stuff I thought, so completed the order, with half of it going on back order, then after the order was taken, was told, they had no idea when it would be delivered!!

As you say eco boy, this is grim news... I on a personal note, do not like Tudor to much, and find them to be very patronising.

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Sangers situation very frustrating.

No proper communication re what to do about orders, situation with back orders etc etc.

Frankly the way we deal with companies in trouble is a national disgrace. I have ust received an account of a local company that owed us about a fiver. I always find these documents make intreresting reading - buried away in the document is a bill from the administrators who did 32 hours work for which they billed well over

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From Sangers, at the moment.

I think that there will eventually be a solution to these supply problems. The best thing for us would be if some other firm took it over.

However, if you were, say, Sw%&*s then you might well just wait until it all went belly up and then step in and contact the suppliers. You wouldn't have to buy a problematical business.

All this is just surmise, I don't actually know anything.

Ecxept that we have doubled our orders in order to keep stock levels up and I suspect that Sangers is actually doing OK at the moment!!

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