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Passport software

Peter Thornton

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We charge £7.50 per adult

£10 per baby

£15 non UK

Everyone gets 6 shots.

Seriously thinking of charging more- no-one else does it in the town and the kiosks are always rejected.

I do know of a couple of labs who charge £25 !!!

Going back to Peter's original post, we used to use photoshop using a home- made template. Worked very well and not slow to do. If you are able to charge a fair price why spend more on software if photoshop does the job?

Peter if you want my template let me know and I'll e-mail it to you. Just size the photo and drag and drop it into the template- does 6 at a time.

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Don't Forget the  add-on-sale !

Spectrum have found that the price for id / pp pics is not very sensitive - ie you can charge a pound or 2 more, and provided you keep a straight face - will pass it off.

Add on sales ?

Once you have established your price, and agreed it with your client - sell them some more, for a little more

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We have set up a picture package in Photoshop that puts 8 uk passports onto a 6x4,

looks like this,

; line 1, page size
M 152.4 101.6 0

; line 2, description
UK Passport 8up on 6x4

; line 3 - n, drop zones
3.5 7.1  35.0 45.0
40.6 7.1  35.0 45.0
77.7 7.0  35.0 45.0
115.0 6.7  35.0 45.0
3.5 53.3  35.0 45.0
40.6 53.3  35.0 45.0
77.3 53.3  35.0 45.0
114.9 53.3  35.0 45.0

the image needs to be cropped to 35mm x45mm before running it. I have incorporated this intoan action so pressing the F4 button creates the 4x6 ready to print.

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I came across this passport software ( only $9.00 !) .


This latest version is complient with the latest EU and USA passport regulations, crops image to required area and size, can output on your choice of photo paper, save composite image as a new jpg file or send straight to printer. Works well because you can fine tune the crop area and the template helps guide you on the size of face  req'd to comply with regulations. The software is free to try ( with a watermark) and via an unlock key this can be removed.

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