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Klick store closure


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Whilst in Leeds this week doing a bit of Xmas shopping I noticed Klick's city centre store has just closed. This was a very busy store in its heyday. It had a number of minilabs spread over two levels with separate areas for bringing in work and collection. Recently it had a number of kiosks fitted.

So, another triumph for low margins! Can't wait for even more closures ;)

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Very interesting Steven.

I've been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks.....

In Crawley town centre Klick opened a smart new lab in new premises, about March/ April this year.

They were equipped with a Frontier and 4 kiosks, 2 networked to the minilab and 2 standalone.

They advertised digital prints from 7p and films from

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Am new here but just had to reply ..!  I used to work for Klick for over 15 yrs and in march this yr my shop was one of the 200 that closed. Since then I have recently opened up my own D&P shop and luckily am doing well!!  but i can confirm that they are closing at least another 30 branches asap. I was told this in early november - exactly a year since i was told about the '1st wave' of closures, being told that there was to be 3 in all.... All the better for me now!!

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good on you jojo for doing your own thing... Klick and the other muppets wil not survive as stand alone units on the high street, not at pennies per print.

We, that is the little people really are much better than what *was* classed* as the high street *Giants* but they knew best ;)

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    Must admit its the strangest christmas i've had, what with no angry customers, no lost or late photos, no marks or dusty prints and the distinct lack of nagging from directors is really quite fantastic for me and my staff!!!    

  I admit it is quieter - but in a town where the only competition  is boots, people here were really quite at a loss when klick closed and were holding our own.  So in true klick style, on my leaving, I took my staff, contacts, engineers and

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Link is fine

Film processor closes shops

PAUL ROGERSON February 01 2006

THE family owner of high street retail group Klick Photopoint has axed more than 200 stores and 1400 staff after the digital photography revolution devastated the group's core business of film processing.

Bowie-Castlebank, run by Jonathan Bowie, who is rated among Scotland's best young entrepreneurs, posted a

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