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X Kiosk now fully usable

Peter Thornton

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Well, it's taken a while but X kiosk is now fully usable.

The receipt now has a summary of the order (necassary in order to work out the customers bill)

Windows printers are now supported i.e. dye sub etc via an additional module called X Kiosk Lab. This enables you to control the printing of an X Kiosk, or a bank of Kiosks.

I haven't tested this on a dye sub yet but can't see why it won't work. I'll be trying it in the next couple of days.

If all goes well then the Lucidiom will join another one in my Kendal lab and Lancaster will run 3 X Kiosks

I'll let you all know how it pans out and how the 2 systems compare.

I don't know how many users the system has, but if you tried it before and found it lacking then it's worth another go.

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