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"Getting the word out"

Dave R

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About five years ago, as part of an expansion of our shopping centre, we lost our external (and very visable) frontage and are now completely within the centre.  At first this did not seem to make much difference to our customer flow (we had been trading fourteen years).  We now realise that there are a lot of new people in the area who do not know that we exist, even though they may walk past the centre every day.  Our lack of visibility has been exacerbated by new owners who have banished all "A" Boards and external displays for reasons best known to themselves.

We must now rethink what has, in the past, been a fairly low key and limited advertising program and "Get the word out" to the local community.

Would any-one like to share ideas for local advertising, marketing, promotion etc. that have worked for them - particularly ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Your comments would be most welcome.

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the thing with fliers is to make them relevant and 'sticky'

If you have a digital lab then you are perfectly positioned to print them yourself. When you do the maths - RA4 real photo fliers (which are vat free in eec) cost about double the cost of commercial print (buying 5k on 2 week service), BUT

1   you get them straight away

2   you can use up edge fogged paper

3   you can trial 101 different offers for days, times, specials etc

4   they present your product in an alternative light

5   you can respond with an offer to news within 1 hour.

Play and monitor your results


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