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What viewer software do you give out ?


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Spectrum burn a number of CD on both our kiosks (lucidiom) and Noritsu minilab.

For ages we used the default viewers - but they were a bit crappy - did nothing to promote Spectrum, didn't work on macs, and looked very old hat.

The Noritsu viewer only supports upto 5 films anyhow - and only shows 1 at a time ...

Recently - we removed the viewers - so we just give out cd's with j-pegs on since XP etc comes with viewer and thumbnailing options built in.

I am wondering if i have missed somthing ?

Is ther a viewer that can make Spectrum look good ?

Is there an viewer option that will generate revenue and send any on-line orders back to my store easily ?

As a single site opperation i am looking for somthing simple and cheap - any suggestions ?



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We offer a generic CD (JPEGs only) and the Kodak Picture CD with all it's bells and whistles.  We did about 150 CD's this last week and not one was a Picture CD.  Our customers are quite happy with JPEGs and also like the fact that we can put up to 15 films on one CD if necessary.

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