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Print from Print work

Martin Floyd

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My print from print work in the last month has gone through the roof(thumbsup).

Never had so much in.

What about the rest of you?

The slightly worrying thing i have found is that it seems to be from prints made from digital cameras were the customer has lost/deleted the file and has never had a CD made!!! so many busnesses out there not selling CD's? We always offer CD.

Not that i'm complaining its good profit!!!

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I have agree with you Martin in regards to the memory card failure and lost images as we do alot cd burning and little in the way of printing as been in a tourist area they dont want to walk around with prints when they can put them on to cd.using scare tactices we can normally up sell to second disk as well.(lose the disk,breaking the disk,etc,etc)

Also we charge for image recovery on memory cards and there good profit in all those areas as there is very little cost involved.

Note: the look on peoples faces when you recover their photos is priceless you almost feel you shouldnt charge them, but in most cases we have received tips on top the fee they are that releived.

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The average charge is $15.00 plus the cd burning fee it depends on the size of the card.

on average though the season we would recover about 1 a day the bigest cause is battries going flat while tranfering the image to the card,the programmes we use are image rescue by lexar & image recall 3.the lexar we got of a memory card from  a customer it is the better of the two.

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