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Interesting comment from my highly paid IT son in Sydney.  He believes printing photos will be out the door soon, even home printing.  Friends and family can now view photos (images) through their TV's, home computers and internet albums, and people are carrying digital devices on which they download and show their images to others (goodbye albums).

Good post, it's a world wide thing!

Re: the above, see my post in 'the 'Changes' thread, I agree with your son, but everyone still has their heads in the sand.

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Hi Liz... welcoem to the forums and thanks for your first post.. very intresting reading.

As for Kodak, it seems that they are also laughing at the independents where you are.. silly Kodak. I can not understand why any camera store/mini-lab would sell any of the Kodak digital products as the POS that comes with them, tries to drive customers away from the place of purchase etc.. You should see the UK Kodak Express web site http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=3143&pq-locale=en_GB Get a consumer to visit the site, and instead of Kodak trying to get that customer into the independents store.. they promote the opposite ??? Oh well I am sure the boys in yellow know best *NOT*

like the backpacker yesterday who was grateful I could download his card to disc then stormed out when I tried to charge him!
 ;D heee, yes we all get them!
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