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What the papers say?


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I've read with interest 2 items in the paper in the last week that Jessops are having a difficult trading period.

The first piece  leads with 'Jessops shares slump by 37%', the second has a quote from their Chief exec saying " If the situation is the same come May or June, it would cause us to reappraise our store openings and cost base."  Another quote in the same article is  "Consumer demand in February and March has fallen of a cliff."

So they are advertising 50 6 x 4 digital images for

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The days of 50 for a fiver finished in my store earlier this year, never to return again
Wise move Dave... as I keep saying here, mini-labs, well the independents have never tried to compete with the cheap Muppet's.. Why on earth some are trying to do this now, is beyond me..

Good on the independents for offering a prestige service at a prestige price.. Goodbye to the Muppet's, that will fall, as we are seeing one by one.... High volumes, high turnover, but low profits = long term disaster.. Pretty simple when you think about it...

Back to the original theme for this thread.. Once again this show, that you should not believe half of the hype/spin that these companies make in the press. Look at Kodak.. There soul aim now is to destroy every mini-lab, with the TV campaign in the UK telling the consumers that they no longer need to go to a lab..

Look at Klick.. how they are now taking drastic measures to stay alive. Look at the big Pro labs, that scoffed ALL mini-labs and treated us as a joke.. they are going one by one... or they are installings... wait for it mini-labs...

Look at even our trade papers... with 2 big names merging in recent times... Look at Ilford, and how they have had to think... Look at the Conax brand, it is about to go...

Even Jessops have been telling the trade how good they are on getting things *right*  So good on  dombcl for starting this thread...  :D

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I forgot to mention but I've also just put up my prices, I have done for the last 2 years in April and it doesn't seem to frighten customers away!

The staff want a pay rise, the paper supplier slipped up the price of paper, rates have gone up, service contract etc.....

Can't agree more that high tournover + low profit = long lingering decline.

Glad that the original post prompted some response, is there anybody other than Dave and Neil on the board!

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Completely agree - we have never gone below 20p for a 6x4 from neg or digital because there is no profit to be had - you might argue that it pulls people in for other services but I'm not convinced.  There have been quite a few labs closing around us recently but with the decline in requirement for prints its not surprising.  I do think that with fewer labs around we will hopefully pick up more business and get stronger.

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I think a lot of us have been banging on about this.

We have to charge a fair price for the work we do in order to pay the overheads, leases, staff, suppliers etc and hopefully have some left over to reinvest.

Like Dominic I've never been scared to up prices when it's necessary, and you know what? Not many, if any, people notice.

A couple of weeks ago our local (150 yds away) supasnaps closed and I'm starting to see a few new faces. We celebrate our 10th anniversary tomorrow and when we started supasnaps did not have an on-site lab, then they did, then they were taken over and were 'the cheapest in town'. Did I try to compete?- did I f#ck.

We are waaay more 'expensive' than they were, but now they've gone for good.

To those who are tempted to compete with the muppets on price just read the above sentence and think again.


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We have been using KPC for our normal film D&P and doing premium work in store. Now that KPC have gone we do all our work in store and our prices have gone up. We have had no complaints either. We also get good prices for our prints from digi.

As Neil would say "Dont go down the Muppet route"



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