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Multi Kiosks


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Here in Australia there are 200+ sites with 4 or more kiosks in store and growing. The major push is from Fujifilm who don't sell a digital lab without at least 4 kiosks. Most use the local designed Whitech software but many use the UK Axiom. All multikiosk labs are linked to the lab for output. We have 10 and will add another 4 in the next couple of months. our store is not large being 100sq/m not sure what that is in feet.

I would love to hear from anyone who is multi kiosking in the UK as from our visit to PMA Orlando last month there appears to be very few in the US. I have a presentation to give at PMA Australia in May on multi kiosking so would love to have some images from the UK. Also if you have any great promos to share. We have taken the focus off the 4x6 print price and are now promoting the experience, fast/fun/easy, 10 kiosks no waiting and it is working. We are also selling alot of 5x7/6x8/8x12 photos from digital and soon with a new Netlab2+ as well we will have 12x18's to promote. Our output is 80% from file but film fall seems to be now leveling out, for now!

regards Phil

PS Look at the kiosk forum for our latest signage

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