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Tescos install Kiosks!


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A WIRRAL company will help millions of shoppers save time and money when developing the images stored in their mobile phones and digital cameras.

Redten Computers are to bring state-of-the art kiosks to leading supermarket chain Tesco. It will enable shoppers to produce professional quality prints in the same time it will take them to do their weekly shop.

The Birkenhead company, best known for its touch screen Howie Computer, are to receive

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I will watch with interest when this starts in the Tesco stores.At our loacal branch the photo section is by the cigarettes counter/Lottery kiosk and customer complaints section.It is always laden with queues of people who straddle the main entrance and have to leave their trolleys of shopping abandoned in order to be served.Now place into this a photokiosk queue with people inserting and downloading memory cards,thinking about using the system,calling for assistance to query if only some of their images can be printed - joining a queue again to pay...oh what joy!.....(lets hope they don't think about online printing from a central depot instead).

1.Is the family shop on a Friday night compatible with using a self service kiosk?

2.What if I do load the images when I arrive (24hr shopping) - will the prints be ready when I leave?

3.Will I enjoy the experience?

What are your thoughts....


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I think the whole 'experience' is probably going to be a complete 'nightmare'.  I don't know why the supermarkets don't stick to doing what they are best at rather than trying to pile into other markets that they don't have the experience to service.  There will probably be some satisfied customers but I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of customers complaining 'where are my prints, I can't find my camera card, your machine has damaged my card, why is the kiosk out of order' etc. etc.  Good luck Tescos - don't think you're going to make any profit from it!

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I echo both Sue & Mike, they might provide the kiosk but I am certain they won't provide the service or expertise to go with it!!!Having a kiosk ourselves we are well aware of how much time is needed to assist customers in getting what they want. I guess you will probably find a lot of OUT OF ORDER signs in our supermarkets over the coming months. Sue got it in 1 they should stick to what they do best.

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Thank heavens I don't shop at Tesco's. (hate the place, I'm a Waitrose person don't you know  ;D ;D)

I can only see chaos, customer complaints and dissatisfaction.

You're not telling me that Tesco employs skilled, knowledgeable and technically literate staff to run their photo section.

' oh please sir- can I work in friut and veg today- this photo lab bit is too difficult and nuffin' works proper like'

Bring it on- anything that gives them a bad name can only be good for us  ;D ;D


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I was in my local Tesco Extra last night and was happy to note that their print processor was out of order.

On the retail park where Tesco is there are 3 other labs within 500 mtrs, Jessops being the last to move on there about a month ago.  I original lost a member of staff to the Tesco site when it first opened, part time hours, new mum etc although she still bring her private work to me!

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I do not think this is a threat
As you say, the like of Tesco are out to wreck every small business if they can, and there goal is to destroy towns, as we know them, they want to become the "high street" a one stop shop for everything.

But the small business that have been threatened by the super stores, that have adapted and changed the way they do business will survive, those that have buried there heads in the sand, and not changed, are the ones that will suffer.

It is not just the photographic trade that is under attack by the super markets, look at all of the other independents, from the local baker,book shop,newsagent,milk rounds, bike shops, white goods, brown goods, caf

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