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Did you know that there are a selection of links here to see a little more about this forum?

There is a portal link to get a overview on what is going on here?


See the top ten threads?


See some of the site stats, which may suprise you to what is going on here, and you can see how many hits etc this forum is getting?


You can see the actual members list (once registered)


You have your very own control panel packed with functions for this forum?


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Also down at the very bottom of the page over on the left, there is a hit counter, that shows the hits to the main domain (NOT the forums) as I write this we are at 59,738 hits... Oh, and these are site hits, not images viewed page reloads etc... If any one is intrested in some of the search engine activities, that is how people have forun the site, just let me know, and I can post up some intresting things ;)

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