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Christmas 2004 How is it going?


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Well, the run up to Christmas 2005 is now upon us, so how are things for you?

For us, well D&P still very poor, very very poor in fact  :'( But we have been getting some good orders for large prints/posters, and lots of old photos getting scanned and printed, in fact this has been a life saver, but I have no idea why we have been getting so many scans?? Yesterday, we did over 60 scans, at a charge of

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Well, D& P is stagnant, good days and bad days. Some days it's all digital, other days it's all film. What is apparent is that the volume is down on last year, which was down on the year before etc etc.

Outlook- not good, not good at all.

A few weeks back we got our large format printer running and this has been a good moneyspinner- whilst I am typing this I'm printing 5x 36x24 prints for 1 customer at

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I doubt that there will be a New year rush, next year, and I predict, that the first quarter of 2005, at best will be stable with 2004, if it is stable, then this is a good sign.

Our pre Christmas stuff this year, is strange, with many of the over 50's bringing in pics to scan, in fact this is probably our best ever month *so far* for just doing scanning, with one day last week doing over 70 at

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Not sure about everyone else, but this year, we have been doing an increadable amount of scans, then prints this year, with some days getting 60/80 orders just for scanning alone.... Very strange this and I am a little unsure to why there is so much work, has any one else seen this?

Posters, very good, and still getting orders each day..... :)

Calendars, now this has also been very intresting, we have been able to do calendars for a few years, but nevr any real up-take. But this year, has been our best ever, again not sure why. But what we did do this year was have 2005 calendar samples on display in September, so maybe this has helped us?

Internet shopping, another intresting one this. I have a problem with my shopping cart at the moment, due to a server move, and it is in the process of being upgraded. But what I have done, is put a big note on the start up page, telling customers, that they can order over the telephone. This has taken me back a little, with a good number of telephone orders. I will be adding this comment to all of our shopping cart pages in the new year.

Frames, well, I am pleased with frame sales, and have had to put in an extra order this year for more frames. Large ready made poster frames have been good, as with the usual gifty frames. Black/silver being the best colours.

Still not looking forward to February/March as I think we are going to be quite, but I have several ideas to be working on, as I get some free time :)

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