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Kodak Advertises printing... from home!


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I feel it is time to start to bang my head on the wall again... I stopped selling Kodak cameras for a similar reason.. But now they are stepping away from regular processing, they will be pushing for home printing, to try to get the consumer to buy Kodak home printing material, a quick fix for Kodak, but no thought for the long term, but what's new.

I really feel for Kodak Express members, as at any stage, Kodak can turn around and terminate contracts with just one months notice... and do not think they will not do it, cos they have done it in the past, and they will do it again.


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I see one of the promotions for Kodak Express, is a chance to *win* a Kodak printer, plus dock and printer... eh, so you give the customer his prize, and he does not come back.... oh it is late here, and so much to do, may be I am just dreaming, cos Kodak, really know which direction they are going in tease.gif

What does worry me, though, is the advice that Kodak have been spinning for several years, and how very wrong it has been, lets just look at KPC, now if Kodak processing can not justify running photofinishing labs any longer, how on earth can they dictate to others, like members of Kodak Express? Funny how only last year, they told us all that the future was with camera phones, and now, a year on little mention from Kodak, after they panicked may people in to purchasing there kiosks, but now, Kodak tell us that the future is with there home printers sorry blab.gif but this is another quick fix, that will no doubt last 2 years at best...

So, another nail, in my humble opinion to Kodak, who, being a brand name, they know best... yea right !!!! time for bed for me ill.gif

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