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Real Photos From Digital - Did we get it wrong!


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We have used the strap line "Real Photographs From Digital" for a long time, and most people use this message. Now, I think we may have got it all wrong!

Talking to people re this message, and it seems that when a consumer reads it, they think that the photolab does not doing the printing, but instead, it is telling the consumer, to print Real Photographs from Digital, at home, with "real photographic" quality ink jet paper.. So, what we did a couple of weeks back was to put up new POS with the message "we make digital prints, Quicker, Easier, and CHEAPER than printing at home. Since doing this, we seem to attracted more and new digital camera users.. So, may be thought needs to be given, to how a consumer reads, and then digests a message.


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I copied your sign pretty much to the letter for our Window along side that we have a '1Hr Photos From Both Dig & Film' Banner. I find steering away from the word prints and the use of 'Photos or Photographs' is much more effective. I know what you mean re the strap line. I alway find it useful to ask people/customers who don't work in the shop how a message comes across on POS. Just because we know how we want to say something doesn't always mirror the way our customers read it. The ones that do read POS that is. I was asked if we sold Travel Irons today, :'( sometimes its hard enough to get them to see the sign above your bloody door!!

Further to this we seem to be seeing a nice steady increase on the amount of digital printing (Over and above the expected increases for this time of year) Are they finally getting the message out there??? :-/ Has anyone else found this?

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We too have copied Neil's original banner and we seem to be getting a few more enquiries.

With each enquiry we give them a voucher to have 4 prints printed free off their camera card so they can see for themselves what the quality is like- we've only recently started this so I can't report more.

Dave- travel irons indeed  ;D

But beat this if you can-

A little while a smartly dressed young man arrived in the shop whereupon he removed hie (expensive) shoes, put them on the counter and asked if we could re-heel them for him  ::)

After pointing out the AGFA minilab, film processor and all the 20 minute photos signage he put his shoes back on and left without another word.....

Oh well, all in a day's work  ;D


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Maybe we should all ask if a customer wants fries with there D+P heee, we may sell more fries than film  ;D

Jack of course I can sort you out posters, and will only charge them at cost price for you. If you want custom text or graphics/logos, then I can knock this up for you as well. Just post up a message or drop me a mail neil@minilabhelp.com :)

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