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D+P & Kids holidays


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I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days back, and he has some connections with a large UK holiday camp chain.

I was talking about business in general, and he was telling me, that this holiday camp company, had, had a crap June/July.

It seems that now the UK government, has scared many parents with the threat that if you take your children out of school term, for holidays etc, you may face a fine, or the child, may even be expelled from school, so this is a reason, why less family holidays are now taken out of school term time.

I think that most of us, had a not to bad August, and so, as this was school holiday time, this may also part explain why D&P levels have also dropped out of term time.

I am taking 2 of my boys "out of school" for one day, and we had to write a grovelling letter to the headmaster etc, we then get some snotty letter back, with permission, but the letter was so "stuck up" it was unreal... I may try and get it scanned later, so you can see the sort of thing that most parents are now faced with.

Oh, what a lovely country we live in!!  :-/

I was also talking to another person yesterday, and he was telling me how on UK sea side resort where he has a holiday home, has had a disaster summer.

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You know, it's not just us who is suffering.

Every local shop owner I shave spoken to recently have said this year is the worst they have had. And this is such diverse goods as deli, sports goods, upmarket gifts- a fashion shop, fabric shop and cafe are closing down.

I think that we are in the grip of a recession but the government and media dare not admit it.



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I think that we are in the grip of a recession but the government and media dare not admit it.

Yup, I have been saying this for almost a year now, and around here where I am, most small and even large business are suffering a short fall in custom... I fear that everything in the garden may not be rosey, but we the general public, will not be told anything untill after the general election has taken place.

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