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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum


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Customer? You had a CUSTOMER?????????????

Wet, wild and windy.

Deserted streets devoid of shoppers.

Wrapped up warm and snug in office and home.

Safe from retailers wiles and wares.

(anyone want to continue this line...? Must be a FEW poets in mini-lab land)

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Another true passport story, we had chap have his pics done, and he was very happy... but a couple of months later he came with the prints.. He wanted them re-taking, as he now longer looked the same... since the original passport, he had, had a drastic hair cut !!! and we were to blame that he no longer looked the same

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Had a cracker the other day !!!

Lady came in for a one hour service no problems says I

I developed her film and lo and behold she had camera problems all the frames were on top of each other in the centre of the film

so I left it hanging up till she came back in  tried to explain what the problem was her reply was

Its your fault all the pictures have slipped down cause you hung it up wet!!!

some people eh !!!!

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One lady had a pile of her ex husbands cini films transfered to video. Then came back and insisted these were not her films as she didn't recognise anyone on the tape. Checked and double checked. They were indeed her films. I can only assume he must have been leading a double life! She was not happy ...

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he must have been leading a double life
 ;D Class pure class..

OK here is another... and true. A few years back, a lady came into the shop to collect some work, she did not have her receipt, but so what, many do lose them. I asked her name, she gave it over, I found the job, and got the wallet out, asking her to make sure that these were her print. "Oh Yes" she replied, with a smile, she paid her money and went.

Day later a geezer with the same name name, came in ranting and raving, that his wife had collected his prints, "What is the problem" I asked, the geezer, had a lady friend, and oooppppppsssssss, his wife knew something was going on, and she new he had bought a film to us, and bang, she had the proof she needed, with her (now ex) husband, and his lady friend..

So, now we always ask for a telephone number, and if a customer collects work, and has no receipt, they have to give the telephone number, this is good if hubby has a "secret" mobile mobile etc....

True story  ;D

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;D ;D

We had a similar one some years ago.

A guy left a disposable camera with us for processing. He said 'don't know what's on this- I was pissed when I used it- hope it's not too embarassing- I'll get my girlfriend to pick it up later' ( B_I_G mistake  ::))

Anyway we printed the film and let's just say it was pornographic in nature.

Later on a girl came in with a receipt, we gave her the photos and off she goes. It was only after she left we realised that the photos were the ones left by the guy above.







Wait for it,-





She wasn;t the girl in the photos  :o :o :o ;D

Later on, my colleague went out to get his lunch and he came across this couple having an ENORMOUS row in the street, complete with naughty photos being flung about  ;D

Talk about being hoisted by your own petard  ;D

Tony  8)

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ok - think rod stewarts 'handbags and gladrags'....

Ode to Tony;

'Shop Hags and Ice Bags'

Ever see a customer get upset,

when your developing confirms her fears;

Obviously it's completely down to you,

That she doesn't look like Britney Spears.

So what becomes of you my love?

When they have finally stripped you of;

The shop hags and the ice bags they insist that you should sweat so they can buy.


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Hey- this is turning out to be one of the longest running threads so far. If you read it all why not add a reply- don't be shy  ;D

And to continue in the same theme.....

I'm sure you all have had this one,

Customer comes in with a camera card....

''can you develop this for me please''

''I think the chemicals may damage it madam''


''what's the difference between 20 mins and 40 mins''   (our service times)

''20 minutes madam''  Boom- Boom  ;D ;D ::)



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