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Sorry to hear that Neil, did the boys in yellow and silver eventually turn up? Or is that one of your staff in a sad fashion parade?

Did your web cam capture the toerags who broke in?

I believe you can attache a motion sensor to your tv image, which will alert you or the fuzz as well as capture the unexpectant movement. Don't leave the cat indoors though..

Biz is tough enough without this... any damage?

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Yup, the boys did turn up, and gave the usual bull, promised that soco would be here first thing.. they never tuned up.. geezer behind me is a boy in blue on night duty.. and hey get this... he did not even have a torch  ;D

The web cam I have is getting images from only the lab section, and due to the bank holiday, the CCTV tape had run out.. but the lads, they were all covered up any way...

Damage, well, shop door window, which is double laminated, that has to be paid for, plus they tried  ;D to smash into a camera display cabinet, but failed as I was quick on the scene (I Live on the premises, and am a night hawk)  So, still not seen the damage inside the cabinet, as I am still waiting for socco before I open it... Plus at 4.00pm when cashing up, they had taken some

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