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How's trade?


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The Summer holidays are in full swing, so how are things going compared to last year for all of you? I have just had a couple of the slowest days ever for a summer. Next week they should all be starting to return suntanned and bronzed and wanting their pictures printed!

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Not going- full stop.

Last week was VERY poor, did better in April.

This week has been quite the opposite, busiest week this year, But in relation to previous years about 25- 30 % down.

This can't be sustained for long.  :'(

The next 2 or 3 weeks have got to go some.


given up worrying about it

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I have taken a few days off work, and took the kids camping.. ;D But I am back to reality now.

2004, continues to be a very strange year. film volumes are way way down, APS still continues to hold its own, as do SUC's. Some very quite days, like spooky quite, but then other days that have been just manic.

Its other "things" that have kept us alive. Print from prints, are doing OK, CD writing, well some very busy days with just doing film to CD (Did about 70 one day last week)

Large format prints, well, do not get any in for a few days, then there is a rush on them...

Same with e-commerce, some weeks have been slow, but out of the blue we get a spate of orders.

It is looking like the bread and butter D&P days may now be gone, and its only by offering other services that we can all survive.

We have had another Pro lab close down near us, last month... God how I wish I had a crystal ball, to know what direction to go in....

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We have found film volumes pretty good over the past few weeks & prints from digital media seems to have exploded over the last month.l Is the message finally getting through to the consumer about the impracticality of home printing? Lets hope so. Like Neil we too are doing well on additional services, restorations, print from print etc. We are also looking into setting up a studio to add another string to the bow so to speak

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