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We all know we cannot copy professional photographs without writen consent, but, where do we stand when printing a customers digital photo's which are obvious copies of some professional photographers work?

So, how has July been for you all? Wearing out those gold and silver wheelbarrows on multiple journies to the bank eh?

It has been a good, although not great month for me, and this Saturday proved to be the worst high season day ever recorded! Maybe everyone is going away on holiday...

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A bit of a tricky one this, but as far as I am aware, it is the person that actually takes the image, that is breaking the copyright law.

Also, and I am not sure if any one is aware of this, but you can make a "Legal" back up, of any copyright product, be it a photograph, a CD, a game or whatever. As long as the back up is for personal use, and is used soly as a back up, should the original get damaged etc...

As for July, well I suppose compared to the first 5 months of the year, it has not been to bad. To-Day was very quite, but people will now be on holidays.

The very interesting thing that we are still finding this year, is that our total film volumes are down. But "other" stuff has kept us going... Also APS, yup that is still holding up strong against 35mm.

Also the uptake to printing from digital is starting, in a way to pick up, with people getting pissed of with home printing, the cost of home printing etc.

We did notice, that this all changed when we put up our posters telling people that we are cheaper, quicker and easier than printing at home, this message, is very important to get across.

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Back from my two weeks of sea, sun and er.... 8)sunbathing if im honest. Your right about that poster Neil. I made a backup copy of that and put it in our window! ;D It definately works! July has been pretty good but there will be no second holiday this year thanks to Jan Feb & March.

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