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Going Digital?


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Hi Gang,

I am new to this forum and am looking for bit advice

we are a mini-lab business just outside Edinburgh and have been going for about 3 years we have a good client base but are being asked more and more for digital print which at the moment we cannot do as we only

have  Noritsu 2611 lab

we have now made the decision to jump to digital we have had a few quotes from various companys but the best quote we have had is from KonicaMinolta for a R2 1000 Lab it would supply all our needs at this time

Has anyone had any dealings with this lab

any advice would be fantastic



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Hi Grant,

I don't have any experience of the Konica Lab. However I do Know that the Noritsu 3001, is an excellent piece of kit. And I am pretty certain the paper mags you will already have for the 2611 are compatable with the 3001. Maybe worth a look if you have not already?

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Hi Grantinver,

First a warm welcome to Minilab help.com thank you for visiting.

Like Dave, I do not "know" this machine, but I understand that it is a very capable and flexible machine.

The 2611, was, in its time a really nice first entry machine into the digital age, but the technology very quickly moved on, and for what you need to do now, then you are doing the right move in looking at a full blown digital lab.

Only you will have the gut instinct on what machine to purchase, but maybe ask Konica for a list of actual users of the R2 1000 so you can speak to them first hand, and then see if you can visit a real shop, in the real world, and see for your self what it can do.

Have to say, I am a sort of now converted Noritsu user, and am at the early stages of thinking about upgrading my 2901...

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