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Nothing to do with minilabs but.....


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What's the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

We are in Burgess Hill in West Sussex, betwen Brighton and Crawley.

All day the wind has been gusting really strongly. It's blowing our door open and when this happens in come leaves, twigs, small animals and customers  ;D.

The weird thing is that the nearest tree is about 1/2 mile away. So far I've swept up Oak, Beech, Chestnut (sweet and horse) and Maple. Pretty good for a concrete jungle of a shopping centre  ::)

I'm now getting a bit fed up of having to hoover/ sweep/ pick-up leaves every 10 mins. Perhaps I could leave them and make out they're a new organic environmentally sound floor covering. The only downside is that if someone comes in dressed in camo he may not get served because we won't be able to see him  ;D

Oh well- back to the hoover  >:(


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;D keep sweeping Tony!! I have a tree right out side my door  :o Sawdust on the floor sounds like a good idea to me  ;)

What a day here.. not so much good old D*P but just a stack of other stuff.. mnnn gone 1.00am, and still, stuff I have to get done.. no rest for the wicked, as they say...  ;D

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