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How's March going for you?


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Its all still strange times for us also Tony. A a rule of thumb, then our actual film count is down. But, this has been a bit of a general trend so far this year.

But, we are getting some good jobs in, from just regular scanning, to doing some good jobs for large format prints. Plus, we keep getting some pretty large jobs with just prints from memory cards.

I think that its going to take a while to get over the quite days that we have, but the sunshine that I can see, is that as we charge a premium price, for "digital" work, then all being well things will turn around.

So, things here are OK, but thats just about it, nothing to sing about.

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We have also found the start of March fairly quiet as far as film processing goes. However since Boot finished the 50 for a fiver we have found the digital work is continuing to increase. This time of year (Jan-Mar) has always been unpredictable from day to day for us, like neil I think once Easter is upon us I think we will find how the market is going in 2004.

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I was at a meeting yesterday, with several other mini-lab owners from around the country, and every one has had a disastrous February / start to the year!

One other thing that come up, was the total lack of skying photographs this year. We normally see a steady flow of films taken on Skying holidays, but this year we have seen very little!! Has anyone else noticed this ??

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