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Pile it High and sell it cheap


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I have just read, that one VERY large internet camera "retailer" that has been knocking digital and other cameras out at almost below trade prices, has just gone *BUST*

When will people bloody listen, that to survive you have to make a profit... turnover account for nowt, its the bottom line at the end of the day that matters.

I hope that all of us "small fry" will survive, in fact I am sure that we will as we have our fingers on the pulse, and are living in the real world.

But, the "big" boys in the photo-finishing trade, are just determined to create turnover, no matter what the cost will be... sooner or later, the bigger they are, the harder they will fall.

Its about time that some companies out there, started to show a little more interest in the small fry, as we will, in the end be the ones that determine what we offer our market.

I think I have mentioned in the past, but a couple of years back, I was at a meeting, and 3 off us were sat around a table, in our case we we all Ex Kodak customers, but between the three of us, we were responsible for processing around 100,000 spools of film a year... Just multiply that buy the hundreds of ex Kodak customers, and its no wonder that they are having problems.

The same is going to be true for other companies.... Glad to say, that the support and service from Agfa continues to be good. And also its nice to see the PMA, getting a little more UK friendly, as I have felt in the past, that they have been more concerned with US issues.


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Good points Neil.

Our local AGFA rep is always urging us not to sell cheap.

His philosophy is to make more by doing less, what's the point of working yourself into an early grave with nothing to show for it.

Somehow this country's culture of cheapest is best has got to be overcome or else no-one will benefit or have a comfortable retirement to look forward to.



Neil- why am I a 'nooby' still?

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