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How is it for you?


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Well, today is the first day of the half-term break round here.

It's grey and cold and no-one about. ::)

In fact it's more dead than the deadest thing that ever died in deadsville.

Almost 11.00am and only three films so far  :'(

Could this be the quietest day of the year so far  ??)

If so let's get it out of the way- can only get better can't it?  ;D

Tony 8)

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I was out for most of yesterday (Monday) doing "things" but it was a steady day. But last week, my god we had a few of the mornings like Tony desrcibes, and it horrible.

I think that in my area, a lot of people have gone away this week with the kids etc, so next week will be intresting to see if things pick up.

But these are very strange times for all of us.

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